What to be thankful for

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes it’s hard to identify what to be thankful for when you feel worn out. Yet Thanksgiving is around the bend, and it is a day to celebrate what we do have, not what is missing. Thinking about it before the holiday may make it easier to honor on Thanksgiving day. One way to do this is to make a gratitude list. Yes. On a day that is going well, when you feel good about yourself, jot down all the things you are grateful for. I make mental lists of my own whenever I feel good and it helps me appreciate all that I have. In the coming days, I’ll share some of the items on my list with you.

I’m with you,


About Judith London, Ph.D.

A licensed psychologist with over 21 years of experience in the field of Alzheimer's and related dementia, Dr. London is the author of the book, "Connecting the Dots: Breakthroughs in Communication as Alzheimer's Advances." Written for relatives, friends and caregivers, this book shows you how to reach out and re-establish a connection and communicate with your loved one. Currently, Dr London is completing her second book, "Support for Alzheimer's Caregivers:The Unsung Heroes."
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One Response to What to be thankful for

  1. Ruth Brown says:

    Is this post for caregiver’s? I am finding it hard to find support for Alzheimer’s clients.

    Would you please give me your topics for me, who has Alzheimer’s?

    I am grateful for being in the early stage.
    I am grateful for trying to keep busy
    I am grateful for my family
    I am grateful for living by the mountains and being able to see the mountains.


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